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Saturday, June 1, 2013

A very wealthy farmer, whose wife had already passed away, died without leaving any children or heirs except 5 nieces, whom he loved dearly.
Their names were Alice, Beatrice, Connie, Donna and Esther.  The conditions of his will were as follows:

1.     Must be present at the reading of the will.

2.      Must move onto the farm.

3.     Must manage the farm

4.     Must raise wheat

5.     Must raise cattle

6.     Must live on the farm and do all this for 5 years

The will would give the 5 heirs one section of land each and one million dollars each, if they abided by the will.  If they did not abide by the instructions of the will, their inheritance would go to charity.


1. Alice: Was present at the reading, but was not willing to move onto the farm. 
2. Beatrice:  Was present at the reading, moved to the farm but did not meet any other conditions. 3. Connie: Was present at the reading, moved to the farm, no interest in farm and leased out the land, but lived there 5 years. 4. Donna:  Was present at the reading, moved to farm, managed farm, raised wheat but did not raise cattle.  5.Esther:  Was present at the reading of will, moved to the farm and managed it, raised wheat and cattle and stayed 5 years.

 Which of them do you think inherited their section of land and the million dollars?  It is obvious that Esther would be the one...and the others came up short so their inheritance would be given to charity. 

JESUS HAD THE POWER WHILE HE WAS ON EARTH TO FORGIVE SIN.  He did it numerous times in the accounts of the gospel...even for the thief on the cross.  But his testament was not in effect at that time, since He was still alive. After His death His will came into effect and we have to obey His gospel.

 Hebrews 9: 16-17   “...For where a testament is, there must also of necessity be the death of the testator.  For a testament is of force after men are dead: otherwise it is of no strength at all while the testator liveth.”


1.     Hear the gospel:  Romans 10:17  James 1:22

2.     Believe in Jesus:  Hebrews 11:6  James 2:24  Mark 16:16

3.     Repent of sins:  Luke 13:3  Acts 17:30

4.     Confess Christ:  Romans 10:9-10 Matthew 10:32-33

5.     Be baptized for remission of sins: Acts 8:35-38  Acts 2:38 1 Peter 3: 21-22

6.     Be faithful unto death:  Revelations 2:10

 Who...will inherit eternal life?   The one who does all 6 things.