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Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Good Lesson For Us And Our Country.


The Sun is Up.

See, the sun is up. The sun gives us light. It makes the trees and the grass grow.

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. When the sun rises, it is day. When the sun sets it is night.

This little boy was up at five. He saw the sun rise, and heard the sweet songs of birds on the bush. Do you know who made the sun? God made it. God made the moon and all the stars. How good God is to us. He gives us all we have, and keeps us alive. We should love God.

God sees and knows all things, for God is everywhere. He sees me when I rise from my bed, and when I go out to walk and play. When I lie down to sleep at night, He keeps me from harm.

Though I do not see the wind, yet it blows around me on all sides. God is with me at all times, and yet I see Him not.

If God is with me, and knows all that I do, He must hear what I say. Oh, let me not, then, speak bad words. If I do, God will not love my ways.


The above story is not from a Bible class book, but from “The Original McGuffey’s Reader”, the Eclectic First Reader for small children. It is typical of the stories and reading lessons of the McGuffey’s Reader which was published in 1836 and was the standard for reading material in our public schools for the last half of the nineteenth century and well into the first half of the twentieth century. McGuffey gave constant reference to God and to the moral teachings of the Bible. In many cases a reading lesson would consist of a complete chapter from one of the books in the Bible, such as Lesson 28 of the Eclectic Third Reader which is entitled “Sermon on the Mount” and consists of Matthew chapter 5, and Lesson 56 also of the Eclectic Third Reader which is entitled “Voice of nature”, which contains Psalms chapter 19.

It is obvious that great changes have taken place over the years in public education. Once centered around God and the moral and ethical principles set forth in the Bible, public education has now been stripped of any mention of God and  

of His Word as the basis for moral teachings. Faith based education has been replaced by teachings of Darwin and other atheists whose theories deny the existence of God and portray the universe and everything in it as a product of chance. The moral and ethical teachings of the Bible have been replaced with humanist philosophies that teach there is no absolute truth, that as humans we ourselves decide what is right and wrong and that morality is dictated by what is socially acceptable.

The results of these changes are becoming obvious as men and women, who are products of this new mode of education, are being elected to public office and appointed as judges in the highest courts of our land. Laws are being enacted and our constitution is being interpreted with the intent of removing God and his influence from our society.

The removal of prayer from public school, the removal of religious icons such as the “Ten Commandments” from schools and public buildings, the challenge to remove words of faith such as “one nation under God” from the pledge of allegiance, and “In God We Trust” from our money, are just a few of the results of the philosophies now taught in our public schools.

With Darwinism and Humanism replacing biblical principle as the basis for morality in our education system, our nation has seen an alarming rise in immoral and dishonest behavior throughout society. The philosophies being taught in our public schools are now permeating the political arena and are threatening many of the freedoms that we claim to hold so dear. If we are going to speak up about these things, we need to speak up soon while we are still free to do so.

The source of these adverse changes is obvious! The results of these adverse changes are obvious! The solution should obvious as well—a return to God and the principles of His Word! The only question left to consider is, “Are we going to sit quietly by as our society self-destructs or are we going to do something about it?” 

Wendell Ingram

Righteousness exalts a nation,

but sin is a disgrace to any people.

Proverbs 14:34