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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


A young boy grew up and went to college for a year...then decided that wasn’t his desire in life.  He liked to work with his hands.  A diesel mechanic offered him a job in Texas and at 19-1/2 years of age, he left home and went to work there. 

He stayed with the man a couple of weeks until he found an apartment of his own. The man had two daughters still in school and they were being raised by their dad alone.  After the boy had lived there a couple of weeks he found his own place.

He called his parents quite often and one day he told them (laughingly)  that those two daughters, living at home...had more freedom than he did...out on his own.

What a strange thing to say.  But he didn't think that much freedom at their age was a good thing. What was interfering with his freedom?

Well... it was his training that he had received at home for all those years. He could now do as he pleased but what he pleased was to stay true to his up-bringing. That is the kind of training that Proverbs 22:6 is talking about.

Many people, we have not believe that Scripture means what it says. They have to add their explanation to it. If we try to explain it to change its meaning...that is not teaching the truth.

It is training their ‘will’ it says they ‘will’ not depart from it. It doesn’t say they can not.. A “will not” is better than a “can not”...... 

It is dedication...dedicating them to the Lord by the way you train them. It needs to be done early and continual as long as they are under your roof.  They need to have no doubt that God is in first place in their parents' lives...all the time.  No parent is perfect but God still commands us to train them... "in the way they should go'......Proverbs 22: 6