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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Long ago I wanted to find meaning, so I set out on a journey.

I wanted to find happiness and true joy before I was laid out on the gurney.

I knew that there was something out there worth treasuring;

But nothing that I found held up to my measuring.

Meaningless, meaningless, everything I did was such.

Everything I did under the sun didn't accomplish much.

It was folly, a chasing after the wind;

Something that caused grief and a heart that would not mend.

I tried everything that had to do with wisdom and knowledge

I was even more wise and knowing than any professor in college.

But even wisdom and knowledge caused me much grief;

For like the fool, the wise man's life is brief.


In my search I even tried folly and madness

But found that both of these only cause grief and sadness.

I denied myself nothing my eyes desired;

But found emptiness when I looked at everything I had acquired.

Now all has been heard and this is what I achieved,

Wisdom, folly, toil and riches aren’t  "it"  like I once believed.

The conclusion is: Fear God and follow Him with all your soul;

For this is man's duty, the act that makes him whole.

-By Daniel Ingram, Elm & Hudson church of Christ, Altus, OK