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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jesus taught in a parable that while trying to pull up the false doctrines (tares) we can damage the good seed.   We tried get rid of the false teachings first in some, and it didn't work with those that we were trying to teach. They need to hear the Word...not hear how wrong they are.    When they get the Word in their heart, they will see for themselves how wrong their teachings were that they had been obeying...and they will be amazed, as we were.  

This a lesson that could go many directions but the one I want to illustrate is this:  Unlike in our earthly physical gardens, in the spiritual one, while we are trying to pull up the weeds (Jesus knew it would be fruitless)   we are neglecting sowing the seed.  You cannot sow the seed and degrade the false teachings at the very same time. God’s Word can do this for you while you are sowing the good seed.  Bobby and I and many others, have represented the tares at one time.