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Monday, January 7, 2013


When my dad was ill with cancer, back in 1978, we had made a trip to Borger to see Wendell and Kathy and stopped by Daddy's on the way for a few hours. He was doing fair but on our way back, he was extremely bad...worse than we had seen him and we knew then that his days would be very few. That was on a Friday and Bobby's best days in the shop was Saturdays and he needed to be there
On the way home, I told him I just had to go back and my sister decided to go with me, even though her little daughter was starting first grade on Monday and would have to go through that without her mom. Her older sisters took her to her class room that Monday morning.
We got to Daddy's about 10:00 on Saturday morning. On Sunday morning, our step-mother was not going to church services, because she (and rightly so) thought it was her responsibility to stay with our dad.... so there was no need for my sister and me to miss, so as much as we hated to leave him, we went on to worship with the Hinton members. It hurt so badly to leave our dad even for a couple of hours, that I prayed for 'heart comfort'....It just happened (by God's providence) that we sang this song that morning: This is the verse that was such a comfort and while I know it is no comparison to what Christ did for us, it was still a comfort!
My Father's house of light,
My glory circled throne,
I left for earthly night,
For wanderings sad and lone;
I left, I left it all for thee,
Hast though left aught for Me?
I left, I left it all for thee,
Hast though left aught for Me?
Well I was very glad that I had not given in to temptation to stay away from church, even though it was hard. Our dad made it through Monday and Monday night and went home to be with his Lord, on his birthday, Tuesday morning, August 15,  about 9 A.M. He passed away knowing he was loved very dearly.

I was the only one in the room when he passed away...and I was watching the pulse in his neck.  It pulsed ever so slowly and then when it stopped, a beautiful bronze color came over his face.  Then I knew he was gone.  I felt such peace in the room at that moment. God is all comfort!

 He had obeyed the gospel about a year before. You and sorrow mingle together well at times. Even though he was not a Christian in our growing up years, he was a very moral man and he taught us how to live...and then on August 15, Christ...he taught us how to die.