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Monday, January 7, 2013


Bobby and I were traveling back home from a trip to see our son and daughter in Borger, Texas and between Pampa and Elk City the wind was blowing hard. Bobby said the wind was from the North but I thought it was from the south because the trees were leaning heavily toward the north. We argued (imagine that, lol) until we came to some flags that the phone company had put up for markers...and sure enough, the wind was from the north like he said. I told him that would make a good article on rearing children. I got out my paper and pencil and after we had traveled about a hundred miles, I could not get an article started...but by the time we got back home I had this poem down on paper. This may have been my first poem...can't really remember.
While traveling down the road one day
We saw a wondrous sight!
The wind was from the North that day
And blowing with all its might.
But it didn't phase those old elm trees
That grew along the road;
they still leaned toward the North
And kept their true abode.
Yes, the North wind blew, but it didn't change
The form of those old trees;
Because they were already formed
By the regular Southern breeze.
God, Who created your little one
Has plans for your child's life;
and no matter how well you do your job,,
there will be winds of strife.
 For Satan and his helpers
Will try to change his ways.....
But if he is grounded in Jesus Christ,
You will have cause for praise.
Yes, train your little one for God,
and when life's strong winds blow'
He will be formed as God desires
And his heart be white as snow.
Then when he grows up and leaves your side,
For sure will come the breeze;
But he'll be grounded firm and strong...
Just like those old elm trees!
© Mrs. Bobby J. Ingram: February,1982