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Saturday, January 5, 2013

This was in a church bulletin in a  town near us.  It has so much good stuff in it, I decided to put in in my blog. 

What an awesome privilege it is to lead God’s people in worship. We are blessed at Wapanucka with so many talented men who are able to lead us in singing, lead us in prayer, to read publicly from Scripture and preach and teach from God’s Word. Being a worship leader is not only an awesome privilege but an awesome responsibility. The spiritual atmosphere of our assemblies is affected greatly by the attitude of our worship leaders.  It has been said, and I believe it to be true, “No church will rise above the spirituality of its leaders.”
I would like to speak to those of us  who serve as worship leaders and offer some suggestions that will help us carry out our responsibilities and assure that our assemblies are decent, orderly and uplifting to all.
The first suggestion I would make is that we be diligent as a worship leader. The assignment list for worship leaders is in the bulletin one week in advance which gives every worship leader an advanced notice of his responsibility. If you know that for some reason you will not be present for an assembly in which you have an assignment, please give advanced notice to the one making announcements. This will avoid someone having to be asked to fill your responsibility at the last minute.
The second suggestion I would make is that worship leaders try to be at least 15 minutes early for the assembly. It is impossible to do things in an orderly fashion and it is impossible to begin the assembly on time when the worship leaders arrive at or after the time to begin the assembly. If the worship leaders are early it gives us time to get organized and to make sure every assigned responsibility for the assembly is filled.     
One final suggestion I would give, not only to the worship leaders but to each and every member. Let’s give the worship assembly the respect and reverence it deserves. Keep in mind the purpose of our assembly. It is a time set aside for us to worship God together and to encourage and edify one another. Surely none of us are so busy that we cannot give three hours on Sunday to the corporate worship of God, to the study of His Word and the fellowship with our
brethren. Can we consider ourselves true disciples of Christ and not place the assembly of our brethren at the top of our priority list? Let’s seek first God’s kingdom as he has instructed us to do. Let’s deny ourselves and be the committed disciples that Jesus has called us to be. And may our commitment be reflected in every area of our service, including our assemblies.