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Monday, July 28, 2014

Big Things and Small Things Show Us There Is A God In Heaven.

There are so many small things and situations that show there is a higher Being as much as there are big things. The Bible makes note of them in Romans 1:20 and portrays that it is so clear that there is a God, that people are without excuse.
"...For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:..."

I want to write about a very small thing that we consider a nuisance...snot...or mucous as the medical term. I don't have scientific data on is just experience on pain.

I didn't know it was beneficial and probably would not have known, but I had acid reflux really bad one night at my brother's house. About 10 p.m. lying in bed, it happened. Right up it came and the acid seared my throat and esophagus big time. It was very painful until the mucous built up and then the pain eased. It helped until it built up so much I had to cough to get some of it out....then the pain started again. Over and over all night until close to daylight. I doubt if anyone got much sleep that night.  I didn't know until then that mucous helped pain.

When people get pneumonia with all the fluid and mucous build-up in the lungs, there must be a situation that would be unbearably painful...could be why they get pneumonia, because as the lungs fill up with it, the pain eases.  (Just a thought.) 

Our bodies and how they can heal themselves.... is evidence of a Creator. There are many ways our bodies can heal themselves if given time. Sure there are times when we need a doctor but more often than not there are antibodies and other things in our circulatory system that are very healing. God made us...He knows us inside out and even our very thoughts and motives.

On a side note: God knowing our motives is very comforting to me. Sometimes people may think they know why we did a good thing and it may not be very flattering what they think. But God knows why we do everything we do. It is laid out bare and open for Him alone to see, because He knows our hearts...even our very motives. Sometimes our motives may not be so pure...He knows that too, but we can get forgiveness when we repent.   Christians are so blessed!