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Monday, July 28, 2014


"I'm not around my son, Wendell very long until I'm looking for a pencil and some paper to write on."
Wendell told about a man with 8 children that he worked with at Bailey Motor Co., when he lived in Texas. The man saved up enough money to take his family to the Grand Canyon. They drove all night long and reached the Grand Canyon about sun-up.

The family was all asleep in the station wagon, so he got out of the car and pushed the door shut quietly and went to the ranger station to see what programs they had to offer. Unknown by the others, his little 2 year old boy woke up and slipped out of the partially closed car door and went over to look at the canyon all by himself.

In a little while, the daddy heard someone holler, "Who's that little boy on the rim of the canyon!"

He looked and it was his own little boy right on the edge, looking down into the depths of the canyon. He ran as fast as he could and went under the fence and grabbed his son by his little overall straps and pulled him to safety. He said he was just sick the whole time they were there and couldn't enjoy a bit of their vacation.

This story is so scary and if it were our little child, it would have been even more scary!

Wendell went on to relate...we wouldn't want our children to get that close to...and walk the rim of the Grand Canyon, but many think nothing of it when theirs are  getting too close to...and walking the rims of hell. Parents need to wake up and wake up now, before it is too late for their offspring!