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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Thirteen years ago (on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th)) our house burned.  I had come in from working at the post office that Saturday morning and after lunch decided to wash my hair. First I turned on the central heat because it was a tad chilly in the house;  (Mistake #1)  then I let Baby Bird out of the cage…mistake #2!   As I was rinsing my hair, I could hear Baby Bird squawking and flying wild about the room.  I finished rinsing my hair and put a towel over it and raised my head up. 

I could tell what he was upset about and it was pretty serious.  Black smoke was pouring out of the vents in the ceiling.  I hurried around trying to get Baby Bird on my hand to put him back in his cage and get outside.  He wouldn’t let me.  I was beginning to feel the effects of the smoke and it broke my heart to have to leave him. The squirrel cage of the central heat unit in the attic had frozen up.  One of our neighbors later that afternoon, said that he heard an explosion before he saw the smoke.  I didn’t hear it with the water running over my head.

As I went out to move the car from under the carport and down the road a ways, an old classmate stopped and told me he would go tell Bobby at the shop….As I was about to move the van, Bobby drove up and moved it for me and someone had called the fire dept.  I told Bobby, in tears, that I couldn’t get Baby Bird out.  Bobby wanted to go in and get Baby Bird but I was afraid the burning ceiling would fall in on him. He went in to get him, with me begging him not to.  I told him he’d probably be dead from the smoke by that time.  By that time there was quite an audience out in the road watching the fire with me.   The fire dept had left the screen door propped open and Bobby saw Baby Bird fly by and went in to get him and brought him to me.  I was so happy to have the little fellow again!

The month before the fire, my kidneys shut down from a prescription I had received from a doctor who thought I had rheumatoid arthritis, which I was found to not have.  I was in the hospital about 2 weeks until they were sure my kidneys were working okay again.  That’s why the smoke got to me so fast.

About a month after the fire, I lost my full time (temporary position)  and went back to part time.  They had left me in the full time position 8 months longer than they were supposed to over the 6 months’ time limit.  So that was a triple whammy in about the space of about 3 months.  Three bad happenings???   No, not really! 

It wasn’t long until I realized they were all three big blessings?  We are told in Romans 8:28 that “….all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

All of these really did work together for our good.  In June of that year I could tell my strength was not building up as fast as I needed it to, so I retired from the postal service.  Eight years later Bobby decided to retire from his barber shop.  So we have had these 5 years together without a constant watching of the clock….just in time for our little Great-Grandchildren to begin to arrive on the scene.  We now have four precious Great-Grandchildren.

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