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Thursday, March 6, 2014


(Picture, courtesy of Faye Faye Scott Heffington.)
Had you rather be the carrion
That is hunted from the sky?
Or the graceful soaring vulture
That has a sharp seeing eye?

 Satan is the vulture!
And he's busy every day.
The sinful world's his helper,
In a big and frightful way!

We may also be his helper
If we don't know what to do;
The world is calling to us...
But the Bible's calling too!

Jesus calls us to be faithful,
And to always look to Him;
But our sinful nature calls
And we give in to our whims.

Oh you might not know the difference
In the places you have lived;
If you do not read and study
What the Good Lord has to give.

So be alive and ready
To meet Him in the sky;
'Cause we do want to be ready...
When it is our time to die!
©Edna L. Ingram.