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Monday, March 3, 2014



The year is 2042.
(If Socialism keeps raising its ugly head this is what it may sound like in our families!) We are being warned about it from people who have lived under it in other countries in the past. We wouldn’t like it, they say! Those who know communism also say that socialism is a step down to communism.)
9 year old son: “Dad, our history teacher told us today that just a couple of decades ago people here, in the United States owned their own land and grew their own food. She also said there were more stores where you could buy food if you couldn’t grow your own.”
Dad: “That’s right son. My dad owned a 300 acre ranch. We didn’t farm or raise food, except in our little garden, but we had cattle and we sold calves twice a year.”
Son: “You mean you had cows? Did you have horses? Why can’t we have horses and cows today?”
Dad: “Well son, there were groups of people who got control of the government and they changed up a lot of things. One group, known as the EPA thought that cows were adding to the ‘global warming’ theory and they taxed ranchers a lot of money per year for each cow they owned. So they went out of business one by one, and the corporate farms took over, which was their plan in the first place.”
6 year old daughter: “Did you eat beef when you were growing up, Dad?”
Dad: “Yes, we produced our own beef and kept it in a freezer to preserve it, but you could buy it in the stores too.”
Son: “Why can’t we eat beef today? I’ve never tasted it.”
Dad: “Well they have it in the meat market but it isn’t raised here. It’s processed in other countries and shipped here, and only the very rich can afford to buy it. Also the banks and financial institutions failed in the first decade of this century and the government had to take them over just like they did the land, so we are all dependent on the government officials to come by to bring our food every week. But things used to be much better when we were independent and worked for private companies.”
Daughter: “Dad, why did this happen?”
Dad: “The nation had too many welfare people who didn’t want to work, besides the ones who were not able to work. The government subsidized them, gave them everything they needed to survive…and they raised up children who were the same way. One of the political parties encouraged this, to get more power over the people and, in a nutshell, that is how it happened.”
Son: “Our teacher also told us that they used to have church buildings and people gathered to the building to study the Bible together, instead of having private worship in our houses. That would be neat!”
Dad: “Yes, religion is allowed again, but it is not allowed publicly anymore. The excuse is that it offends too many others who have a different religion or who do not believe in God at all”.
Son: “She also said that people could own a gun and hunt. Did you ever own a gun, Dad?”
Dad:  “Yes, we had guns. Almost everyone who wanted one had a gun. They have been outlawed in this country. So if we ever need to protect ourselves, we would have to find another way to do it. They ordered every gun owner to purchase liability insurance, and it was priced way too much to be able to do that…so they took our guns. If a criminal has one, he more than likely gets to keep it…because he doesn’t report it anyway”.
Daughter: “Daddy, will it ever get back to what it used to be?”
Dad:  “I don’t know, Honey…I really don’t know. We can pray that it will, and God is still in control as always. He can bring nations down and He can raise them up.”    
 By Edna L. Ingram
He makes nations great, and destroys them; he enlarges nations, and disperses them.  Job 12:23