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Monday, July 15, 2013


 When our children were small and through all their elementary years, we didn't plan events for Saturday nights, if it could be avoided. We used Saturday nights to get rested and in the right frame of mind for Sundays. Little children are usually eager to get up in the mornings...unless they are tired and sleepy. Habits can make a huge difference. A tired child is not conducive to a calm early Sunday morning.

Our children grew up loving to go to church. There was never a time that they even hinted at having the attitude of  "Do I have to go?"   I believe...Bobby and I both believe that this one thing has the possible potential of hindering a child growing up to be faithful when he/she is out on their own. Attitude really does determine altitude in so many ways, and we have discovered that those early attitudes tend to stay with a child through their growing up years.