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Saturday, May 11, 2013

What if you had a very powerful bomb in your possession and you were the only one who could possibly have control of it. There was no way you could get rid of it, you simply had to manage it... and you had it with you wherever you went, whether you walked, flew on a plane or drove....every second you live and where ever you go. It could just demolish your family and/or anyone with whom you were physically and geographically connected.  How careful would you be with it? 

Well....we do have one and it is even more powerful than a physical bomb. It is called I-N-F-L-U-E-N-C-E, and it can destroy families...children, husbands and others even in our extended families, our acquaintances and dear friends, can help them.

Over the years I have noticed and been amazed how great my influence has been on our children and also on my husband. I can understand the children...but my husband?  That strong silent type man who is in charge and knows what to do in almost any circumstance? The one who made us all feel safe just because he was home with us?  Influence on him???

At times it caused me to really do some deep thinking because it is a huge responsibility to carry that much influence on someone else.  It is really scary to think how much influence we hold as wives AND mothers. We should handle it with extreme care,  because  the  destiny of souls.... the ones we love so dearly, may be at stake.  Yes, very much so....we should be aware of our influence.