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Friday, January 11, 2013

Smashed my finger in the door in November.  Didn't think I would lose my fingernail but it is coming off.  Wendell and Bobby told me it would.  And since the blood was in the middle and toward the left and none on the right...that the right part would have a hard time coming off unless I just took hold and ripped it off. 

Well to make a short story long....You can see in the picture that the blood is slowly going over to the right as the nail grows.  So I think it will turn loose all right. 

All that to say this:  The body that God gave us a lot of cases heal itself. That's the way God made it.  Sometimes we need a dr and sometimes we don't if we just give it time.

Now to apply this to the body of Christ!  Sometimes a local body of believers goes off the Scriptural Path.    When it does, maybe if left alone they could see their error and it would take care of itself. But...gossip in other bodies start and malicious talk and then the wayward body may act defensively  instead of getting back on the right track.  We've probably all seen this happen. We always need the Great Physician. but we don't need the vicious attacks of our brethren...maybe their loving kindness while they try to get us back on the Scriptural path.