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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I read an article years ago written by a Christian psychologist.  He stated that as people grow up into adults, many have the same ideas about God as they had about their earthly father.  I heartily agree with him from my observations of people that I know.
One of the stories he told was about a young woman who came to him for help with her depression.  He asked her about her relationship with her father while growing up.  She told him that she loved her father very much and that he loved her.  But that when she was growing up, he was gone more than he was at home with them.  She stated further that she was still not close to him even after she had become an adult.
The psychologist then asked her about her religion and how she felt about God.  She smiled and said that she was faithful to her religion, but that God seemed so very far away to her.
When we three children were growing up, we only had our daddy because our mother died when I was only three.  I was the youngest.  I remember when I was four years old that my dad and I went into the woods to cut wood.  I remember that he was careful to be back home before my brother and sister, ages 9 and 7, got in from school.
He was also very loving and showed us lots of attention.  I told our daughter these things one day and told her that all my life, I feel like I have a perpetual hug from him.  She told me that she feels the same way about us.  I am glad!  Our dad has been gone now sine 1978 and I still have that feeling of a perpetual hug.
What a great responsibility fathers have, if indeed people have the same precepts about God as they do their earthly fathers.  You can not go back and do it over, and time is fleeting........