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Thursday, December 27, 2012


Things we taught our children:
* You can not always know if a person is as good as his/her word...but give them the benefit of the doubt until you learn otherwise.
* You may not always know if I have integrity...but you can know if I don't have it.
* We taught our children to marry a Christian, as defined in the New Testament.
* We taught our children to put God first...before sports, family, company, job or career and anything else that may come up.
* We taught our children to have their own faith...not just because mom and dad have it, but to study God's Word so they COULD have their own faith. (Romans 10:17)
* We taught our children to not stay away from the assembly when the saints (Christians) meet. (Hebrews 10:24-26)
* We taught our children how to go to heaven. (Cara Lynn told the singles group this.... when she knew her days were limited at best...back in 1990.) "Well, my mom and dad taught me how to go to heaven." We are glad the singles group shared that with us. What a comfort during a bad time in our lives!
We taught our children to not measure themselves by themselves, their parents, or anyone else, no matter how good a person they may or may not be, but to measure themselves by Christ.....that is the only way we can grow spiritually.

* We taught our children that we are not perfect beings...that we have to depend on the grace of God by obeying Him and trusting Him.