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Thursday, December 4, 2014


Bobby and I were traveling one day and stopped in a small town to fill up the gas tank. One station was 2.99 per gallon and the one across the street was $305.
I asked Bobby, how there could be a difference in the price so close together and why would anyone spend $3.05 when they could buy it for 2.99. He said, “You don’t see a line over there, do you? And no I didn’t. 
We had to wait for a car to move and then one was waiting on us.
This caused me to think of the high price of sin (our very soul)...and how many are content to live there...and how few there are who live where the high price has already been paid...the blood of Jesus. How blessed are the ones who are the redeemed! There are many in line at “the other station” because broad is the way that leads to destruction. (Matthew 7: 13-14) It is very expensive and they will have to pay for it themselves...forever and ever.

If you live within driving distance from us and are interested, we would be happy to share the gospel with you in person. Message us and we can make arrangements. Or...we can do it through messaging. We will be kind.