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Monday, July 7, 2014

I read this from somewhere...and it was so very depressing to me, so I decided to revise just a portion of it. I have no idea where this originated, but the original sounds like a cop-out to me! They also did not understand the difference in teaching and training.  And if we say these things to our children, it will become a cop-out for them also! My revision is in parenthesis: 

I gave you life but I cannot live it for you.
(We are going to do our best as exam
ples so that you will have a good life.) 

I can teach you things but I cannot make you learn
(We are going to make learning fun and that you will excel.)

I can give you directions but I cannot always be there to lead you.
(We are going to teach you God's
directions for youth, so that your values in spiritual matters can lead you right.) 

I can allow you freedom but I cannot account for it.
(When you are grown, you will be responsible for your wrongs...but if I don't train you in the way you should go, with freedom in Christ, It will be my fault for not doing my job, and I will give account for that part of it.) Prov 22:6 and
Ephesians 6:4

I can teach you right from wrong but I can't always decide for you.

(We are going to teach you God's way and teach you to make your decisions with God as your Director). 

I can give you love but I cannot force it upon you.
(I'm going to love you so dearly that you will always treasure it.) 

I can teach you to share but I cannot make you unselfish.
(I will 'TRAIN' you to share and God's Word will make you unselfish.) 

I can let you babysit but I can't be responsible for your actions.
(Are you kidding me???) Parents ARE the ones responsible for their children's actions! )

I can warn you about sins but I cannot make your morals.
(IF WE live our lives according to God's will, as your parents
, only then if your values and morals echo ours, will you be ok, as we all follow Him.)