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Monday, June 30, 2014

Bad Things Happen For Reasons We Don't Know....

Bad things happen to us and to our loved ones and we don't know the reason sometimes...sometimes we don't even know if there is a reason.  But Bobby's shingles case was one of the worst ones his doctor had seen. At first we went to  1st Aid Medical since it serves walk-ins....and then to our doctor later.  Both doctors took pictures of his shoulder and chest because they said it was a classic case and they wanted to show it to their students.  That was about 8 months ago and while the blisters have healed up, the pain remains.

Well, what possible good could come of this???  When Bobby's first symptom came, he was leading singing at worship and was on the last song before dismissal.  He had a bad pain in the back of his neck and grabbed his head with both hands and just sat down on the pew there by him.  Everyone gasped (except me).  We had both figured out it was shingles even before we went to the doctor for medication.  Some thought he had a stroke.

Well I said all that to say this:  Never once has he let the pain be a reason to miss the assembly.  Everyone knew his misery but he says he would feel just as bad if he stayed home.

We are wondering if it has helped a couple of people to be more faithful after seeing how he handled this problem.  We see evidence of it.  Some things don't happen to us for our benefit, but for others.  We just never know.