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Saturday, February 8, 2014


Our grandchildren were playing in a little league baseball tournament.  In a building close by a debate was going on between pro-abortionists and pro-life people.  So we were going back and forth to see as much of both events as possible.
The debate was in five minute segments with both sides taking turns making their speeches.
The pro-choice speeches were all concerned about the rights of the woman, with no one on that side mentioning the rights of the baby. During of their speeches, I became so disgusted that I went on out to watch the ball game for a few minutes.
When I came back into the building to join my husband, I thought it was between speeches because no one was talking, but I noticed tears running down bobby’s cheeks.  It was then that I saw lots of people wiping away tears.
One of the young women on the pro-life side was the last one on the agenda for the meeting.  This woman was not speaking a word...but her presentation was so eloquent no words were necessary.  She had the attention of everyone in the room.
There was a small mink like animal, like a ferret or mongoose (must have been her pet, with its baby running up her arms and down again all around in her lap.   The mother animal was being so affectionate and loving to the little one, just hugging and petting with its front paws. 
The young woman was crying...She was smiling at the antics of the mother and its baby but tears were pouring down her cheeks.  This went on for her five minutes allotted time.
The difference between that animal with its baby and a human mother who disregards the sanctity of life by have a doctor kill her unborn baby must have been on the young woman’s mind...because that is what I was thinking of and evidently what Bobby and many of the others were thinking when I walked back in.
It was a dreadful mistake for our Supreme Court to make it legal.  Please wake up, America...We are on our way down!
Sincerely, Edna Ingram: 

Sent to and printed in the Coalgate Record Register and Ada Evening News, several years ago.

NOTE:  This didn’t really happen except in my dream one night but it was so vivid, I thought maybe God wanted me to share it...and so I did, and so I did again today.