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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Vacationing with Wendell and Kathy is so much fun!  I hate to tell this on me and Kathy but it is too funny to keep to ourselves:
We spent 3 nights, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights in Springfield, to spend time with Angela and then left for St Louis early Monday morning. 
Getting there, we looked for a motel first thing and Wendell went in to one to get the price and info on it and in the meantime, Kathy is looking on the internet at a site where you can get it cheaper. She found that same motel and it was $40 something per night.  Wendell came back out and of course it was $60  coming in right off the street. 
Kathy had planned on going in and renting and leaving Wendell outside, cause they would recognize him.
We discussed it a bit and then decided to just go look at another one.  Kathy and I went in this time.  She went with the guy to look at a room while I waited…cause it was downhill and I don’t walk too well going down hill.  :)   
Well they came back and she said the room was fine, so we told him we’d take them for 2 nights.  We paid with our credit cards and went back to the car to tell the guys.  The first thing they asked when we told them we rented them, was:  “How much are they?”
Kathy and I just looked at each other.  We had forgotten to ask.  lol lol   So….we looked at our receipt…and they were about 67.00 each.  It was soooo hard to believe that we hadn’t thought to ask the price…especially Kathy, since that was the big deal on the other one.
Here is Wendell’s made up conversation that we had with the motel manager:  “How much for a room?   No, we won’t take it for that.  Charge a little more and we’ll take it.”
Anyway we all had a good laugh…not to be our last one on that trip either.