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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


We have known people who have work as an idol in their lives. They put it first before God.  When a daughter in one family was going to be married, they were critical about the finance' because his hands were so smooth and clean looking.  They assumed that he was not a hard worker and would not make her a living, so they discouraged that marriage. 
Later when she was engaged to another man, one who had a history of divorce and broken family in his past, they were happy with the fact that she was marrying him because his hands "looked like a worker's hands!"  The divorces in his past evidently did not bother them. The sad part of this is that statistics show that most divorced people marry and divorce again at some point in their lives. 
 If we are not careful, work, as important as it is, can become our god, and by our example passed on to our children.  Children can be taught this great virtue of 'work' and still keep it in its proper place in their lives.
My husband, Bobby was offered a job back in the 70's @ $2400.00 a week!  He was making less than $500.00 a week at the time...and he turned the job down.  He was thinking about his priorities in life and knew he would have to abandon some things that he didn't want to abandon. 
I don't think it even tempted him to take it, but one customer who was in his shop at the time of the offer, told him he was crazy...that he could work a year and then retire.  The job would have placed him on call 24/7 and he knew his example would not have been good for his family or his fellow Christians, so he said: "Thank you, but I can't take it."