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Saturday, February 23, 2013


*They bind their little hands and feet
They say to make them small.
Their customs are very strange to us.
We understand them . . . not at all.

But here we bind their little hearts . . .
By all our customs too.
Day care centers . . . baby sitters . . . Mothers gone . . . and more.
Mothers like detachment . . . There's no bonding anymore.

Our loss is now affection
And *love is out the door  (Agape Love)
When love goes . . . so does conscience
And troubles all the more!

Our only hope?  Renewal!
And families must see . . .
That children are most precious!
And their re-spon-si-bil-ity!
©1982, Edna L. Ingram
 * The kind of love that God requires. (close attachment and the love that wants what is best for someone. Agape Love.

* Note:  Until 1949 the ideal length for women's feet, in these countries, was 4 inches. Countries that used to do this proceedure on their little girls, for the most part, have quit this painful custom...unfortunately we have not quit our custom, of leaving our little ones to be influenced by others all day long....and our nation is showing it!