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Thursday, January 3, 2013


What are those long deep scars on His back?"

"Those are from a whip wielded by a Roman soldier!" (Matthew 27:26)


Because His own nation of people wanted a criminal named Barabbas released instead of Him!"  (Matthew 27: 20-22)

"What are those little deep scars on His head and forehead?"
"That is where the Roman soldiers placed a crown that was full of thorns...on His head to mock Him!"   Matthew 27: 29-31)
"Why is there such sadness penetrating from His eyes?"
"Because so very many of His own nation were not obedient to His will and did not believe
that He was the Christ....and some who had followed Him in the past...had turned their
back on him, some to never return, and that makes Him very sad."  Luke 13:34
"How about those holes in His hands and His feet...and the deep hole in His side?"
"My dear friend! Don't tell me you don't remember? Those were put there by you and me!" (Read: Hebrews 6:4-6)
In reality, all this...was put there by you and me and all the other people who have ever lived or will live. Those mobs of people were guilty of the death of Jesus, but the sins of the world and His willingness to save us is what put Him on that cross. He said that He had the power to lay down His life and the power to raise it up again. (John 10:17-18).
His love and concern for us was and still is, immeasurable. If there had been another way for our sins to be absolved, God would have used it, because He loved His Son!
God is a loving and merciful God, but He is also a just God and Jesus' death satisfied God's justice, for everyone who hears and obeys Him...and is the only thing that could and Jesus knew that, and was willing to go through all of that for us.